Grandparents' Visitation Rights

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At Rowe Law Offices, P.C., we are seeing many grandparents raising their grandchildren. It is critical that you obtain a formal Custody Order in order to protect yourself. If the parents agree to the grandparents' stepping into their parenting role, call us right away. Our Wyomissing attorneys can write up an agreement, so that the parent can't suddenly change his or her mind, and upset the situation. So, how do you know if you can pursue grandparents' rights in Pennsylvania?

Here are a few scenarios:

  • The parent is deceased: If your child passed away, you need to ask for visitation rights with your grandchild so that he or she does not lose contact with your side of the family.
  • The parent is absent or unable to care for the child: If you are raising your grandchild and the grandchild lives in your home, you should seek a written custody agreement or order.
  • The parent is incarcerated: If your child is serving prison time, you may need to gain the legal right to step in and care for your grandchild.

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