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Child Custody Archives

Myths about shared parenting

Pennsylvania parents seeking advice about child custody case may frequently hear the phrase "best interests of the children." This is the standard judges typically rely on when making determinations about child custody, such as which parent should be granted primary custody of the children and conditions regarding visitation for the non-custodial parent. Joint custody orders are becoming more common in all states.

Shared parenting will not work with abuse

An abusive marriage is a tragedy for the victim, as well as any children who are involved. While many parents will consider arrangements for raising the children that allow them to work as a team, this isn't a suitable option when there is a history of domestic violence.

About child custody

Divorcing parents in Pennsylvania may find that settling child custody issues is very difficult, so understanding all their options can make a difference in the process. The law recognizes only two types of child custody: legal and physical. Legal custody gives a parent the duty and right to make decisions about any matter that can affect a child's education, welfare or health. Physical custody refers to with whom the child will reside.

How to make a parenting plan that works

When Pennsylvania parents of young children get divorced, it doesn't end their responsibility to raise their children together. Assuming that both parents are fit to do so, they will generally be able to be in their children's lives. In fact, Pennsylvania parents and others should strive to celebrate the fact that a former spouse has a good relationship with the children. Overall, parents should work in tandem similar to how business partners do.

Settlement reached in Morena Baccarin custody case

Fans of the popular television crime drama series "Gotham" may want to know more about a legal settlement that has been reached by actress Morena Baccarin and screenwriter, actor and producer Austin Chick. On Jan. 9, media sources reported that, after a two-year custody battle, the two will jointly share both legal and physical custody of their 4-year-old son until he reaches the age of 18.

How shared parenting is changing child custody

Some Pennsylvania parents who are getting a divorce might be interested in shared parenting as a custody arrangement rather than one parent having primary physical custody while the other parent has visitation rights. Some states are even considering or passing legislation that makes this arrangement the default, but this is controversial. Women's groups and some legal organizations oppose it.

What to know about supervised visitation

If a parent in Pennsylvania is granted supervised visitation, the visits must be monitored by another party. Accompaniment may be provided by a family member, social worker or another agreed-upon party, and the visitation will generally take place at a predetermined public location. Supervised visitation is typically ordered if a parent has a history of abusive or otherwise harmful behavior.

Study examines coparenting in violent relationships

Pennsylvania parents in relationships that have become violent may face co-parenting challenges after a divorce. How this plays out depends in part on what kind of violence is occurring. One kind is known as situational couple violence and involves the couple getting into an argument that results in both being violent with one another. The other is known as coercive controlling violence. This involves one partner using violence toward the other as part of an overall pattern of control.

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