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Causing a drop in business leaves wife with less alimony

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Property Division |

It goes without saying that divorce is stressful, emotional and sometimes bitterly fought. Sometimes divorcing couples in Berks County will take out every negative emotion they are feeling on a soon-to-be ex-spouse, at times to their own detriment. For one out-of-state woman who went public with the accusation that her ex would not pay the $12,000 for their daughter’s hearing aids (something that he would have very little trouble affording), it led to a decreased property division award.

A judge has ruled that because the woman’s comments led to negative publicity which hurt the husband’s legal practice, she would get less money from the division of the marital estate. Or, in the words of the judge, the woman “bit[] the hand that fed her.”

Unfortunately, many times it is impossible for a divorce to be friendly; there are just too many emotions running high. Even if a couple can’t be friendly as they split, they must at least be cordial. By losing control and participating in emotional outbursts in court or online, they can really hurt their case.

Most family law attorneys will tell their clients to stay off of social networking sites or publishing any controversial or ranting information. No matter how much an ex has angered someone, giving them evidence that could compromise a settlement, affect child custody or win the ex a greater share of the marital estate should be avoided.

Divorce is certainly not easy, but consulting with a lawyer and following his or her advice makes it easier.

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