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Be smart about when you divorce

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Property Division |

Many people think of couples divorcing when they’ve reached a boiling point, but it is often more accurate to say that the couples have boiled over. There are very few people who decide to divorce on a whim. Instead, they have been dealing with a multitude of reasons as to why they and their spouses should divorce for quite a while. Even after they make the decision to divorce, they will often wait to file for divorce until the most opportune time.

People may think of that as refraining from divorce until after the holidays or major family events, but it can and should be more than that. If one spouse owns a business, for example, it is likely that the other spouse will receive a part of the spouse’s business in the divorce settlement. Even if the individual won’t receive a portion of the business, he or she may get alimony if their incomes are wildly different. Regardless, it makes the most sense to wait until after an expected business windfall before filing.

Ultimately, anyone considering divorce will want to talk to his or her attorney about more than just what the ramifications of divorce will be, but also when will be the best time to file. If an individual can hold off for a few more months, his or her settlement could be vastly different.

Divorce can be emotionally difficult as it is, it would only make sense to try to lessen the financial burden as much as possible, too.

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