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Protecting financial assets may mean working outside of court

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

It would be next to impossible for someone in Berks County to not know someone who has gone through a divorce. Times are changing and the negative social stigma that was once associated with divorce is no longer there. People in Pennsylvania and across the country are willing to go through the emotionally draining divorce process for the chance of finding a more suitable partner.

For those with considerable financial assets, however, divorce is also about protecting one’s rights to the marital property. It is about making sure that one spouse does not walk away with all the savings and property, leaving the other spouse with virtually nothing.

One way to do this is to actually avoid court. There are certain situations in which court just makes sense for a divorce settlement, but many family law attorneys are better able to work out a settlement outside of court. It may even make for a more equitable settlement or one in which spouses are more likely to get the things that are really important to them. After all, if a judge has to decide how property should be split, he or she might not know or might not care that one spouse really wants the furniture and the other wants the cookware.

Divorce can be hard, certainly, but with a strong family law attorney and a flexible attitude toward the process, it needn’t be as difficult as it could be. Instead, it can be just a minor hurdle before being able to start over on life.

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