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March 2016 Archives

The effects of an extended divorce on kids

Pennsylvania parents who are ending their marriage may not be aware of how severely a prolonged divorce can affect children. While some suspended divorces result in parents deciding to get back together and working out their issues, others can lead to serious confusion for the children. Until the divorce is finalized, many children are left to wonder whether their parents will get back together. This uncertainty can create an environment of confusion and emotional distress.

Child support and visitation tips for fathers

Fathers in Pennsylvania may feel overwhelmed by issues around child support and visitation. They should make sure they understand any court papers they are served dealing with these matters. Even though receiving these documents might be an emotional experience, it is important that fathers keep calm. Lashing out at the mother over the phone or email is likely to be documented and can count against them.

Making a parenting plan that works

For parents in Pennsylvania who are divorcing, making a parenting plan may present a challenge, but it is also necessary. While a parenting plan cannot relieve all of the emotional pain that the end of a marriage may bring, it can simplify negotiations and make the situation less fraught for children.

Child support order remains in effect for Sherri Shepherd

Pennsylvania residents may be most familiar with Sherri Shepherd for her role as one of the many women on ABC's "The View". She has faced legal challenges following her divorce from Lamar Sally. Prior to their marital situation deteriorating, Shepherd and Sally had entered into a contract to have a baby through a surrogate mother. The egg for the pregnancy came from a donor, and the sperm was provided by Sally. The pregnancy was in progress by the time the couple divorced, and the surrogacy contract could not be voided.

A financial planner may help during divorce

People in Berks County who are facing the end of their marriage may benefit from working with a financial planner. Often, people wait until after a divorce, but this can mean making mistakes in the settlement that have long-term financial consequences. Estranged couples should avoid sharing the same adviser, however.

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