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What parents need to know about child support

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2016 | Child Support |

Many Pennsylvania parents have concerns when paying or receiving child support. The paying parent fears being ordered to pay too much to the custodial parent while the recipient worries about late payments. People who are going through a divorce or working through child custody matters might like to know some more information about this topic.

The first step when seeking child support is to establish paternity, which is needed if this is not voluntarily acknowledged and the mother was unmarried at the time the child was born. Regardless of whether they are they payer or the recipient, parents will likely want to ensure that child support payments are handled through a local child support enforcement office.

When going through the proper channels, there is a record of the payments made. This prevents both parents from making false claims, as those who are making payments have proof of fulfilling their support obligations while the enforcement office can act to make sure the recipient is paid in a timely manner.

Getting a child support order can take time when going through the courts, and parents may want to figure out this and other matters themselves with the assistance of their respective family law attorneys when they are capable of negotiating an agreement. Even when there is a court order, unpredictable events can occur that make it necessary to ask for a modification. This could include an unexpected job loss or a medical emergency. It is important for those who have been ordered to make payments that, even if a modification is obtained and the amount is reduced, it is prospective only and does not have any effect on payments that are delinquent at the time of the modification.