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Ravenel and Dennis child custody saga continues

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Ravenel and Dennis child custody saga continues

| Jun 17, 2016 | Child Custody |

Pennsylvanians who watch “Southern Charm” are likely aware of the ongoing battles between stars Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. In the latest twist, Ravenel has announced that he has filed a lawsuit against Dennis for child custody of the former couple’s two children.

Sources report that Ravenel claims he has not been allowed to see his two children, who are both under the age of 3, in 10 weeks. Dennis claims that Ravenel has abandoned his two children, choosing to go after other women rather than seeing his family.

Both stars have taken to social media to exchange nasty claims about the other. Dennis says that Ravenel has abdicated his responsibilities and ceased paying anything to support his children. Ravenel has denied this, saying that he pays $3,100 each month for Dennis’s rent and that he offered her substantially more in a settlement. In the past, he has accused her of abusing drugs while she was pregnant. Both parties have asked the court to seal their case.

While the Ravenel and Dennis matter may drive their show’s ratings, it demonstrates just how toxic a child custody dispute may become. When people are going through a child custody dispute, they should keep in mind that the court’s determination will always be based on what is in the best interests of the child rather than on what one parent prefers. If parents are able to put their differences aside, it may provide a healthier situation for their children. A family law attorney might be able to help a client negotiate an agreement that will best serve the children involved.

Source: Inquisitr, “‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel sues Kathryn Dennis over child custody,” Amy Feinstein, June 6, 2016


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