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Financial considerations before marriage and divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | High Asset Divorce |

Most Pennsylvania couples who are newly married or planning to get married aren’t thinking about divorce. However, it happens to almost half of all new couples. A divorce can easily become an emotional and financial nightmare for those who are unprepared. Getting a relatively clean split from a partner happens with proper preparation and communication. Most of that preparation should happen before even tying the knot.

Statistics indicate that disagreements about money and financial decisions are the number one cause of divorce. There is a danger, especially among young couples, to avoid discussions about finances or make plans for the future. This lack of communication is a sure fire way to strain, and possibly even end, the marriage. Marriage experts have put together a financial discussion checklist for couples newlywed or seeking to get married to help them work through the important issues and decisions they will face.

Planning a marriage’s financial future is especially important for couples with high assets. A high asset marriage brings with it a load of additional financial challenges and risks to both partners should they later separate. A high asset divorce is often much more expensive than other sorts of divorces simply by virtue of the number of assets that become subject to property division. Certain assets like retirement packages, investments and business assets add further complications. Even if the couples come to relatively quick agreement, the process takes time and money to resolve.

Family law attorneys may help clients understand the financial impacts and the effects of a divorce. People may also wish to talk with an attorney about preparations such as a prenuptial agreement that will help make a possible future divorce easier and less expensive.