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Fathers can benefit from co-parenting agreements

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Child Custody |

For Pennsylvania fathers of young children, divorce can be a scary thought, not only due to the end of a once-loving relationship but for its impact on their relationships with their kids. For a parent who has been part of his kids’ lives on a daily basis, it can be painful to know that this constant interaction is going to change. Not only can child custody negotiations be emotionally challenging, but they can also be logistically difficult.

However, when fathers are prepared for child custody negotiations, it can make a big difference in achieving their goals to retain significant involvement in their children’s lives. When both parents can work together to develop a parenting plan, they can decide on the logistics of visitation or joint living schedules. Knowing the options that are available and being prepared to discuss them can make a major difference when establishing a baseline custody schedule.

When divorcing parents can work together with their respective attorneys to develop a parenting plan based on mutual agreement, this can set a positive tone for the whole co-parenting relationship to come. A judge can approve the plan so long as it meets state law requirements and protects the best interests of the children, and it will carry the weight of a court order. Beyond the parenting plan, however, flexibility and communication between parents can help to assure children that their emotional, educational, medical and other needs can still be addressed by both parents.

Opting for divorce doesn’t need to mean that a father’s relationship with his children will fade. A child custody lawyer can help parents advocate for their rights to their children, including fair custody and visitation schedules, whether during negotiations or in the courtroom.