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How fathers can gain child custody

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Child Custody |

Pennsylvania fathers who want custody of their children may find that they are at a legal disadvantage. For generations, mothers were automatically considered to be the parent that could properly raise the children during their formative years. As a result, courts tended to rule in the mother’s favor during custody disputes. However, fathers do have rights, and they can take certain steps to improve their chances of obtaining custody of their children.

Keeping a record of what transpires between both parties can help boost a father’s credibility in the courtroom. This includes documenting everything that is said and done. In addition, there should be records of any financial assistance that was provided to the mother and children. Detailed logs regarding visitation with the children and what happened during those times will also be helpful.

The relationship fathers have with their children is another factor the court will consider when determining custody. Fathers should prioritize their bond with the children above all else and be ready to answer any questions the court may pose regarding that relationship at custody proceedings. The court is obligated to rule in the best interest of the children. If there is evidence of a strained relationship with the father, the court may find it prudent to rule in favor of the mother.

A family law attorney may work to ensure a client’s rights are protected during child custody proceedings. The lawyer may engage in litigation to obtain the desired settlement terms for legal and physical custody. If the circumstances warrant it, the attorney may work to have a client awarded full custody to protect the children from a negligent parent.