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Making a parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Child Custody |

Separated parents in Pennsylvania should understand how important it is to work with their exes when they develop parenting schedules for their children. A well-developed parenting schedule should divide the responsibilities that come with child custody. In addition, it reflects well on the parents if their children are able to see them working together in a positive manner.

One tip for creating a parenting schedule is to consider the arrangements from the children’s point of view. It can be difficult being shuttled between two residences and having to get used to not residing with both parents. That’s why decisions about the parenting schedule should always follow the careful consideration of what it will be like for the kids.

Logistics is also an important part of an efficient parenting schedule. In situations in which a significant amount of parenting time will be shared, it’s ideal that both parents reside close enough to each other so that transportation can be easily managed by everyone. Bussing may be considered as an option if the children are in school.

The logistics regarding childcare providers approved by both parents is another issue. In order to limit the amount of change the children will have to experience, parents may want to make sure that the schedule accommodates the regular childcare provider.

A family law attorney may litigate to obtain a client’s desired settlement terms regarding child custody legal issues. Legal counsel could seek a resolution to disputes involving joint custody, visitation rights, legal custody and modifications to existing custody orders.