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Coping with the loss of companionship during divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2021 | Divorce |

Even when people recognize that a divorce is the most ideal solution for their marital discord, the loss of companionship can impact their life indefinitely. People may not notice this disconnect right away, but as they spend more time alone, the reality of their situation begins to sink in.

During the difficult transition from co-dependence to independence, people should pay considerable attention to the way they grieve their loss.

Rediscover individuality

Marriage has an interesting way of altering people’s identities until they eventually identify as a unit. During a divorce, this identity no longer defines either individual. The transition in roles from spouse to individual can take time. According to Everyday Health, experts suggest that people make a list of individual traits they appreciate about themselves that stand alone from their former role as a husband or wife.

People may also consider revisiting old hobbies or reconnecting with other people within their social circle. They should prioritize self-care and make sure they get enough rest. Becoming more in-tune with their individual needs will allow divorcees to rediscover their individuality which can expedite the process of overcoming grief and recognizing opportunity.

Stay active

One of the most important parts of grieving is acknowledging that grief exists. People need to feel their emotions, process them and look for ways to move forward. Psychology Today suggests that one of the most effective ways people can do this is through staying active. Wallowing in self-pity can slow the grieving process and create irrational perspectives of reality.

While people should absolutely allow themselves to feel sad and grieve the loss of companionship, their commitment to staying active can help them connect with resources to aid in their healing. Movement looks different for everyone but can include socializing, exercising, working or learning a new skill.