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Will parallel parenting work for your family?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Child Custody |

As a divorcing set of parents, your communication and contact, unfortunately, do not end along with your marriage. You need to provide a good life and healthy childhood for your kid, and most experts agree that sole custody is not the way to do this.

But what can you do if you and your co-parent can barely exist in the same room without lashing out at each other? Simply put: you never put yourselves in the same room again.

Avoiding in-person communication

Psychology Today discusses how parallel parenting can help you and your family out. Parallel parenting is a way that parents like you can both support your child without having to come into direct contact with your co-parent.

This is possible through extensive use of written communication. Instead of meeting face-to-face or through video chats, or even speaking on the phone, you communicate almost strictly through text-based means instead. This can include emails, text messages, third-party instant messaging applications, or even just writing things down by hand. In fact, some parents will send a notebook back and forward with their child between visitations. If you choose this method, you can communicate how visitations went without having to discuss things with your co-parent directly.

Removing yourself from high-stress situations

This gives many struggling co-parents a chance to step back and take a breather when necessary. It lowers the chances of arguments because you do not have to tolerate one another face-to-face, and you can step back and think before responding instead of lashing out right away. It also helps provide your child with a two-parent family system, which often provides more stability on a whole. Thus, this system could benefit every member of your family in the end.