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5 New Year’s resolutions if you are considering divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Divorce |

The holidays are in full swing, with families gathering near and far. While most people try to focus on making cherished memories with their loved ones, the season can be a sad and challenging time for those whose marriages are ending or who have recently split.

If you plan to divorce or are beginning to research what the process entails, it’s advisable to set aside the legal concerns for now, especially if you have children. Ensuring your kids and family have a joyous holiday can help reduce the stress you doubtlessly feel.

Divorce resolutions for 2023

Once January arrives, it’s advisable to consider experienced legal guidance to understand how the divorce process works and protect your financial interests. Many people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or exercise, which can motivate them. Likewise, here are five divorce resolutions to consider to help make this year brighter:

  1. Focus on the future: Understand that the best way to recover from divorce is to replace the pain with a detailed plan to improve your life.
  2. Lose the anger: Letting go of bitter feelings towards your ex is the first step to healing. Forgiveness can be freeing. Anger, blame and grudges will only make the process more difficult.
  3. Co-parent together: Along with losing the anger, help your kids through this devastating transition by being on the same page with your ex. Never speak poorly of the other parent in front of your children.
  4. Don’t put kids in the middle: Do not use your kids to carry messages to your ex that you should deliver yourself, and don’t use your children to spy on your former partner by asking them awkward questions.
  5. Manage stress: Taking care of your mental health is vital to a positive future. Make sure you have the support of family and close friends or seek professional help if necessary.

January is one of the busiest months for divorces in Pennsylvania. It’s also a time of renewal and reflection. Taking these steps and others can help you achieve the best future possible for you and your family.