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Does my trip with the kids align with our custody arrangements?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Divorce |

Vacationing with your kids is a wonderful way to bond with them and escape the countless responsibilities of daily life. However, balancing your trip plans with your child custody arrangement can pose some unique challenges – whether your trip is scheduled over summer vacation or anytime throughout the school year.

Your child custody arrangement likely fits you and your ex-spouse’s unique needs, so asking the right questions can help you determine what can work best for you, your ex and your kids. Here are a few you may wish to address:

Can the trip cut into my ex’s custody time?

This can depend on how you set up your custody arrangement. If your arrangement includes allotted vacation times, those can typically override your traditional custody schedule. However, the custody visitation schedule returns to normal once you and the kids return from vacation.

If your arrangement doesn’t have a fixed vacation time, you may be able to request this vacation time in advance. However, a request doesn’t always guarantee a trip with your kids will get approved.

Can my ex cut the scheduled vacation time short?

Not typically. The court presumes your custody arrangement represents your child’s best interests. That can include your allotted vacation time. Your ex doesn’t usually have the authority to demand your kids return home early.

Do I have to tell my ex about the vacation if it doesn’t interfere with their custody time?

It all depends on your custody arrangement. If it specifies that you have to, then yes. If it doesn’t specify, you may not have to. However, it’s typically best practice to inform your ex about the trip and tell them where you’re going and what you’re doing. This is especially helpful if your kids need to contact them amid an emergency.

Plan your vacation with the kids with ease

You don’t want to let custody issues or parental stress get in the way of you and your kids’  vacation. Make sure your plans align with your custody arrangement or that you resolve any potential concerns ahead of time. That way, you and your kids can make the most out of your getaway.