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3 ways money can lead to a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce allows you to take control of your finances alone, without the need to share or consult about them with a spouse. As differences over money are among the most frequent contributory factors to divorce, you may welcome the change.

Here are some of the ways money can cause problems in a marriage

#1. You have different attitudes toward spending and saving

You have a spare $100 at the end of the week. Your spouse thinks you need to save every penny for a rainy day. But you would rather occasionally have a fun night out to relieve stress and live life to the fullest.

#2. That disconnect leads to mistrust

You have your eye on a new bicycle but know your spouse won’t understand. Hence, when you bring it home, you fudge the facts over price. Trust is crucial in a marriage, but mutual respect can be undermined when one or both spouses feel they can’t be honest.

#3. Debt brings stress

Whether your debt is due to overspending or unavoidable circumstances, it can strain even the strongest relationship, especially if you cannot meet your monthly payments. Debt can lead to sleepless nights and worrying every time the phone rings, in case it’s the bank or a debt collector. The tension can leave you both on edge and more likely to snap at each other. It can also lead to disputes about whose fault the debt is.

If money issues have led you to consider divorce, seeking legal help is a logical way to ensure you get a fair deal when dividing your assets.