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Changing Pennsylvania divorce laws affect same-sex couples

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2015 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

In May 2014, same-sex spouses who wanted to obtain divorces gained the right to do so in Pennsylvania. This allowance extends to couples that were married in other states, and the attorneys at Row Law Offices, P.C., strive to help couples discover and exercise their legal options. Our goal is to prepare you for your split and devise terms that are agreeable to you and your former spouse, so we offer a range of tactful representation and consultation services.

Same-sex couples are bound by the same form of legal arrangements that apply to traditional couples, and they have as many options for alimony and marital asset division. Ongoing legislative changes and inconsistent policies, however, may confuse the issue, and if cases are not filed correctly, they might become increasingly expensive. Other factors that could contribute to unpredictable divorce proceedings include the fact that a spouse might not agree to a divorce as planned. When such disputes arise, you may still be awarded a fault divorce if 90 days have passed since the date of your separation.

Some couples find it easiest to wait 24 months after their separation dates so that they can seek no-fault divorces. Each set of circumstances is unique, however, so it is important to consider factors like alimony, child support, debts and marital asset division. By taking a broader range of critical aspects into account, our divorce lawyers have helped couples mediate more amicable separations and functional divorces in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania divorce law is transforming to reflect public opinion and modern customs, but it still relies heavily on other legal areas. To learn about the roles property, family and asset laws could play in your situation, read our page on same-sex couples and divorce.