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Does your child custody or support arrangement feel unfair?

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Divorce can bring so many changes. From shifts in your social circle to huge adjustments to your finances, the years following a divorce can be overwhelming. For many people, nothing is as emotionally challenging as the stress that relates to changes involving your kids.

Some of the most common post-divorce complaints involve child custody and child support. If you feel like your custody and/or child support orders are unfair to you or your kids, you may want to talk to a lawyer about your options for modifying those arrangements.

Common custody concerns

As your kids get older, you may feel strongly that they should have more time with you, particularly if your home is not your children’s primary residence. Maybe they connect with you more easily than the other parent. Perhaps your child has expressed that there are problems at the other parent’s house.

Maybe you or the other parent wants to move out of the area because of work, family or relationship obligations. Or it may be that your schedule allows you to better care of your child after school. Many kinds of scenarios can warrant a look at your custody situation. 

Regardless of the reason, modification of your custody order needs to be signed by a judge. To be successful in this endeavor, there usually needs to be a demonstrable change in your circumstances, the other parent’s situation or your child’s or children’s needs. It is important to be well prepared and fully informed before you seek changes to your custody order.

Child support: Typical changes of circumstance

Generally, child support is calculated using formulas that take into account the number of children, both parents’ incomes and other factors. Many parents seek support modifications for reasons like:

  • A change in income
  • A job loss or layoff
  • An increase in expenses for the children
  • Special educational or medical needs

Get the help you need

Every situation is different. If you have concerns about custody or support, it’s important to get your questions answered by an experienced lawyer who understands exactly how Pennsylvania family courts work.