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Divorce rate is falling among couples in their 20s

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

When many people in Wyomissing think about divorce, they think about people who got married when they were young, often without thinking. Ten years later and the individuals who impulsively said “I do” are wishing they had said “I don’t.” Of course, there are couples just like that who are getting divorced, but many people in their 20s are getting divorced at lower and lower rates, primarily because the individuals in their 20s who are getting married are not being impulsive.

Many of the younger people who are getting married are less likely to divorce because when they marry, they are on the path to being financially secure, they are educated and they are highly selective. Few are getting married on a whim, but are doing so because they have spent a lot of time and effort selecting their future spouse.

Though the divorce rate among people in their 20s is falling, there are still many young people who are divorcing. Regardless of why they choose to end their marriages, these individuals need to be careful about how they end their relationships, as an unfavorable divorce settlement could have lasting effects.

While young people are less worried about retirement, if they are ordered to pay a high percentage of their paychecks in alimony or child custody, it may take a considerably longer time to retire than first planned.

Working with an experienced family law lawyer is a good way to help protect financial assets and future savings by considering parts of a divorce settlement that an individual may not have thought of on his or her own.

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