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Actor Terrence Howard says he is unable to pay spousal support

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

Pennsylvania residents who are facing divorce may want to be sure they are forthcoming about their finances so that they do not end up in the position of actor Terrence Howard. Howard has requested a change in the spousal support he has been ordered to pay to his ex-wife Michelle Ghent. According to Howard, he cannot pay the $325,000 he agreed to because his income is less than $6,000 per month.

Although he has had roles in a number of movies, Howard says his entire income goes directly to his first wife for her support and that of their two children. She then sends him a check for $5,878 per month.

Howard asserts that he was blackmailed and coerced into signing the agreement with Ghent. The two were married for only one year, and Ghent alleges that Howard kicked and punched her. In 2013, she filed a protective order, and Howard must stay away from her for three years. He also agreed to pay court fees of nearly $15,000. However, he did not admit liability despite signing the agreement.

During a high-asset divorce, one individual may end up paying the other a significant amount of support if there is a large disparity in income, if the two have been married for a long time or for other reasons. Sometimes, it may be possible to return to court and have the amount altered if there is a change in financial circumstances.

An individual who is able to negotiate through an attorney with their spouse may be able to reach an agreement regarding child and spousal support that is to everyone’s satisfaction. If this is not possible, the couple may need to go to court.

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