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Judge orders Frank McCourt’s ex-wife to pay his attorney fees

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

The ongoing legal battle between former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and his ex-wife may be of interest to Pennsylvania residents. In a recent court decision, McCourt’s ex-wife has been ordered to pay legal fees totaling $1.9 million after an unsuccessful attempt to contest her divorce settlement. The judge’s decision was reportedly in accordance with provisions in the ex-spouses’ high-asset divorce settlement.

After being married to McCourt for almost thirty years, his ex-wife was awarded multiple luxury homes and $131 million as part of the divorce settlement that was worked out in 2012. The same year, McCourt sold the Dodgers for over $2 billion. McCourt’s ex-wife has claimed that McCourt undervalued the Dodgers and that she was shortchanged in the divorce settlement.

In the most recent court decision, the judge commented that McCourt’s ex-wife had been involved in past litigation concerning ownership of the Dodgers. The judge noted that she had worked with multiple attorneys and forensic accountants and was a ‘sophisticated individual.” McCourt’s ex-wife will have 15 days to contest the recent court ruling before it becomes final. Her attorneys had previously argued that the nearly $2 million in attorney fees McCourt has claimed are exorbitant.

When there is no prenuptial agreement signed ahead of time, a high-asset divorce can become especially complicated. To avoid a long, drawn out court battle, an ex-spouse may wish to seek the assistance of a divorce attorney with experience dividing numerous high-value assets. While working out the divorce settlement, an attorney may also be able to write in provisions that will help to protect the settlement from being contested in the future.

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