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Social media useful for building cases against deadbeat parents

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Social media useful for building cases against deadbeat parents

| Jul 25, 2014 | Child Support |

Pennsylvania parents may not be aware that parents and attorneys are starting to use social media to uncover deadbeat parents who try to avoid paying support for their children. For example, officials in Milwaukee County, Wis., say they have been using the popular social media site Facebook to find out whether parents are choosing not to pay child support or genuinely lack the funds.

Some parents have reportedly been discovered boasting on Facebook about how much money they have. Evidence like this gathered from social media sites has been used to charge deadbeat parents with felony offenses in some cases.

One parent reportedly posted photos showing off stacks of cash after paying monthly child support payments only once. Another parent reportedly purchased a music studio but failed to send support payments. One assistant district attorney says that she does not believe that parents realize that Facebook posts can be used as evidence. She believes that parents think no one will care about the content of their posts.

Parents are legally obligated to pay court-ordered child support. Failure to do so may result in criminal charges and legal penalties. A divorce lawyer may help a parent obtain a divorce agreement including child visitation and support arrangements. In the event that a parent does not pay child support payments when he or she has the means to do so, a lawyer may help the custodial parent obtain these payments. If any party’s situation changes, a lawyer might provide assistance with child support modification.

Source: Opposing Views, “Fathers Face Charges For Avoiding Child Support, Bragging About Money On Facebook “, Sarah Fruchtnicht, July 17, 2014


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