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Mother of NBA star’s kids seeks increase in child support

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2015 | Child Support |

Pennsylvania residents who are considering divorce might be interested in the ongoing child support case between NBA star Lance Stephenson and the mother of his two children. The mother claims that she needs more than the $6,000 in child support she receives each month. She requested more money so her children would be able to move into a safer neighborhood and receive childcare while she returns to school. Reports indicate that she asked the Brooklyn Family Court for double the amount she has been receiving.

The mother cites her lack of job leads after dropping out of school over a year ago as her reason for asking for more support. She claims that the existing child support arrangement does not allow her and her children to live in a safe area. When she asked Stephenson for an increase, she was told that she did not need more assistance. According to the mother, she was told that the payments she has been receiving were more than enough to meet the needs of the children.

Reports from the Stephenson’s lawyer suggest that the mother kept $4,000 of her child support payments in savings and that her child care arrangements have been sufficient to allow her to appear in multiple music videos. His lawyer also alleged that the mother has not made any financial contributions to the children. Stephenson did not appear at his hearing, but he is expected to testify in March.

Child support disputes can sometimes result in drawn out and emotionally tumultuous court proceedings, especially if there is a major disparity in the income between parents. If one parent earns significantly more than the other, or if the financial status of one or both parents changes drastically, child support agreements may be altered. A divorce attorney might be able to help pursue delinquent payments of child support or dispute unfair child support arrangements.

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