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Successful co-parenting after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Child Custody |

Most divorced parents in Pennsylvania are committed to the well-being of their children. This often means developing effective ways of co-parenting with their former spouse. While there are often challenges involved in this process, parents and child development experts agree that the effort greatly benefits the children.

Emotions can run high in a divorce, and issues that caused the breakup of a relationship may not always be resolved even after the legal proceedings are over. That’s why many parents find it important to be very conscious about how they structure their relationship with their child’s other parent. In many cases, this means that both adults need to reframe their relationship. They need to see themselves not as estranged spouses but as partners who have a common goal of ensuring the best interests of the child.

Other ways that parents manage to effectively co-parent is to focus on developing appropriate boundaries in communications, which may include structuring when communications happen, the type of communication and the topics of communication. For example, parents who have a strained relationship may decide to keep communications to email unless there is an emergency. They may also choose to only communicate about matters regarding the children and otherwise refrain from discussing other issues.

Individuals who are having difficulty navigating a co-parenting relationship may benefit from speaking with an experienced family law attorney. The attorney can review the child custody agreement and make recommendations regarding the client’s current parenting arrangement. If the relationship between the parents has become unmanageable, and counseling or mediation does not work, the attorney may evaluate whether filing a motion for an order modification is appropriate.