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Divorce and Social Media: Use With Caution

On Behalf of | May 23, 2016 | Property Division |

With more and more individuals utilizing technological trends through the use of smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices, it’s no wonder social media has seen such an increase in popularity throughout the years. This popularity is leaching into personal lives, and divorcing couples are no exception.

Using these platforms for airing grievances should be utilized with caution throughout a divorce. While unplugging altogether could be a challenge for some, all should remain cognizant of the potential consequences about posting to outlets like Facebook.

What Are the Legal Risks?

Because couples are using many forms of technology like texting, email, internet searches, and social media on their devices already, it’s critical they take each of these things into consideration:

  • What is being said?
  • Who are these things being said to, and why?

Every piece of communication send electronically is a form of documentation that could become incriminating during a litigious divorce. Everything you post on your social media profile paints a picture of who you are, the lifestyle you are leading, and your attitude toward life. Think about the pictures you’re posting, as well as how your comments may reflect upon your character.

A Dated Chronicle

One thing people often forget is, when posts go up on social media, they contain a date stamp and act as a sort of recording of the individual’s life. Others can take screen shots or print out this information and keep a record of what’s happening in “diary” form. If you’re saying you’re doing one thing and posting on social media that you’re doing another, it could harmful to your divorce case.

There are multiple things besides the use of social media that could complicate an effort to secure a fair settlement in a divorce. A lawyer who has a thorough understanding of the divorce process can help identify and navigate them.