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Circumstances when child support includes private school tuition

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2016 | Child Support |

Many financial questions can arise when a couple in Pennsylvania decides to get a divorce. If the couple has children attending private school, then the cost of tuition might be added to basic child support obligations. One parent, however, may dispute the cost, and then a court might have to settle the issue if the parents cannot reach an agreement.

In general, a family court will look more favorably upon a request for tuition if the children had already been attending private school prior to the divorce. Such a situation indicates that both parents had agreed that their children would have a private school education. The willing payment of tuition prior to a divorce could convince a court to assign a portion of the cost to both parents going forward.

Cases in which courts denied a request for tuition payments have typically involved no clear agreement between parents that private school was desired. For example, one parent might say that the spouse agreed to private school; however, if the divorce occurred before the child was of school age, then a court could decide that no clear evidence indicated support for private school from both parents.

Many factors go into the determination of child support. A person who needs to establish a child support agreement could consult a lawyer about the process. An attorney could explain the laws that could guide the calculation of support. These laws use a formula that involves the basic expenses of the children and the incomes of both parents. In court, an attorney might present financial documents about the client’s income and needs.