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Child support obligations for those with disabilities

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2017 | Child Support |

If Pennsylvania parents who owe child support becomes disabled, they are still required to fulfill their obligations. However, it is likely that the amount of support that they provide will be less than it was in the past. In the event of a temporary disability, a court may grant a temporary modification to an existing child support order.

The modification may be extended if the parent takes longer than anticipated to recover. Parents may also request a permanent child support modification if they believe that the disability will be a permanent one or if it will result in a permanent reduction in income. While those who have employer-provided disability coverage might still be paid while they recover, it is likely to be less than what they earned before becoming disabled.

Disability benefits may be garnished if there are past due payments. This is because the state makes providing for the best interests of a child a top priority. Therefore, parents may see their benefits reduced even if it may not seem fair. In some cases, disability benefit payments will be garnished in an effort to pay any back support that a parent may already owe.

The child support system is generally designed to help meet the financial needs of a custodial parent and his or her child. It may help to pay for health care costs, educational expenses and other basic needs that a parent may reasonably provide for a son or daughter. Those who are behind on support payments may wish to talk to an attorney about how to obtain a modified support order. Those who are owed support may also learn more about their options by talking to an attorney.