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3 myths about divorce you should know

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | Divorce |

Getting divorced is usually not something people plan to do when they get married. Unfortunately, it is something that happens. If you are considering divorce, you may have some preconceived notions that are incorrect. This could be due to things you have heard from friends, family or even seen on an acquaintance’s social media feed.

If you are contemplating ending your marriage, it is important to let go of some of the myths you have heard about divorce. Read further to learn some of the most common misconceptions about divorce.

Ending a marriage is expensive

The cost of your divorce really hinges on how difficult it is for you and your future ex to come to an agreement on the settlement. The longer it takes for the two of you to agree on how to handle your Wyomissing home, the more it may cost you.

You will automatically get alimony

There is no guarantee that alimony will be part of your divorce settlement. Usually, a court will grant alimony in cases where one spouse cannot reasonably support him- or herself and financially depends on the other. If you have a strong skill set and the ability to find sufficient employment, the court might deny your request for alimony.

You will get sole custody of your children

Simply because you are the mother does not mean a court will grant you sole custody of your children. Divorce courts typically recognize that each of you has a right to spend equal time with your children. Furthermore, the court will also make a decision that it deems to be in the best interest of your children. In other words, unless the court finds one of you to be unfit, expect to have shared custody with your ex.

If you consider making the leap and starting the divorce process, it is important to understand what you can expect. While some of the things you have heard may have been true for other couples, they may not necessarily be true for you. Every divorce is different and the outcome is usually dependent on the specific circumstances that relate to the couple involved.

Instead of relying on someone else’s experience, follow the advice and recommendations of your divorce attorney. With the proper guidance, you can walk away from the process with a fair settlement so that you can start over.