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Questions about health crises and child custody modifications

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Child Support |

Let’s say you just had a heart attack and you’re worried how you’re going to keep paying your child support. Fortunately, you survived the heart attack and your doctor expects you to be okay as long as you make a few life changes. You need to spend two months resting. In fact, your doctor doesn’t want you to return to your manual labor job because of the strain it has on your heart.

No matter what job you’re able to find after your health recovery, you know that you won’t be making as much money as before. As such, you may want to apply for a modification in your child support obligations.

Medical emergencies and temporary child support modification

If you’ve suffered a sudden health crisis, you may be able to receive a temporary modification to your child support payments. Let’s say you got into a car accident and you can’t work for a couple of months. This could be reason enough to apply for and gain approval for a significant reduction in your child support obligations.

When will my child support modification be permanent?

A permanent change in child custody could result if your situation changes permanently. For example, if you suddenly become permanently disabled, you may never be able to earn an income again. Although your children might be able to benefit as social security dependents, you may not be able to meet your usual child support obligations again.

Just the same, a permanent change in financial circumstances for the better could have the reverse effect of increasing your child support obligations. For example, maybe you get better health-wise and you can now earn a living again. Your ex may be able to apply to receive more child support money from you.

Seeking legal help with your child support modification request

A family law attorney can review your situation to determine your eligibility to receive a child support modification. Your attorney can take legal action on your behalf to apply for the modification, and offer arguments to the court to support your request.