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What to know about supervised visitation

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Child Custody |

If a parent in Pennsylvania is granted supervised visitation, the visits must be monitored by another party. Accompaniment may be provided by a family member, social worker or another agreed-upon party, and the visitation will generally take place at a predetermined public location. Supervised visitation is typically ordered if a parent has a history of abusive or otherwise harmful behavior.

If a parent is accused of abuse or other crimes, supervised visits may be ordered until those allegations can be thoroughly investigated. Parents may also be confined to supervised visits until they complete a drug rehab program or fulfill other conditions imposed by a court. In most cases, a parent who wishes to obtain greater custody rights must go to a judge and ask that an existing order be modified.

At that time, the court may review an individual’s fitness to be a parent and rule accordingly. Parents who are only allowed to visit their children in a supervised setting may benefit from demonstrating that they are capable of raising their kids. Those who are the subject of an investigation can help themselves by being cooperative and not letting feelings for the other parent impact interactions with the child.

Parents who wish to obtain greater visitation rights may want to talk with an attorney. With legal guidance, a parent could learn more about what a judge is looking for when making a decision to grant those rights. Legal counsel could help show that the child would be safe with the client and that any allegations of abuse, drug use or other crimes are not accurate.