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How to sell a home during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2018 | Property Division |

Some Pennsylvania couples who are getting a divorce may need to sell their home. According to one survey, this happens in nearly two-thirds of divorces. Selling the home can be an emotional process. However, there are steps that can make it less difficult.

Couples should begin by meeting with an agent to discuss their goals. However, following this initial meeting, couples might want to choose just one of them to act as the contact with the agent. This can simplify matters, and it may also reduce the likelihood that the agent will get dragged into any conflict with the couple.

It is important for couples to plan and communicate clearly about what is going to be upgraded and repaired and how this will be paid for. They may find it beneficial to make simple cosmetic upgrades such as fixing leaky faucets and smoothing scuffed walls. These are easy fixes that can go a long way toward making the home look better cared for. They may also want to hire someone to clean the house weekly. Any items that need repair that the couple decides to leave “as is” should be documented. The couple may want to make plans for showings such as having one person responsible for taking pets somewhere else during those times.

In some divorces, one person may not want to sell the home. For example, a parent may feel this could make the adjustment easier for children. It is important to be realistic about the costs. The person may need to buy out the other spouse and refinance. This could be costly as could the cost of maintaining the home along with expenses such as taxes and insurance. Another option might be for one person to keep the home while the other spouse takes another asset such as a retirement account.