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When parents resist paying child support

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Child Support |

In some divorces in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, a certain dynamic plays out. The husband is basically satisfied with the marriage while his wife wants changes. She tries for years to discuss this with him, but nothing changes. Eventually, she files for divorce. The man is furious that what has been a comfortable arrangement for him has come to an end. Often, that anger centers on the need to pay child support.

Some parents who are required to pay child support are so angry about the end of their marriages that they lose sight of the fact that the child support is about their children and not their ex-spouses. While paying support can be a struggle for some people, the amount is supposed to be calculated based on income. If that income changes, it is possible to get a modification of support.

In some cases, an angry parent may tell a story about being forced to pay child support that eliminates details or stretches the truth. For example, one man complained that his ex-wife lied about how much money he made and that, as a result, he had to pay too much for child support. However, courts base child support on the parent’s current income. Only when a person cannot be located will the court make calculations based on his or her last known job.

It can be important for divorced parents and other individuals to have a good understanding of the law and what is and is not permitted. This can help ensure that parents address issues, such as needing a child support modification, in a timely manner. There may be a number of other laws parents will need to understand when going through a divorce, such as their financial responsibilities to their exes and their rights to their children.