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Divorced parents can work together for the kids

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Child Custody |

When parents in Pennsylvania decide to divorce, it can be an exciting and difficult time to navigate the transition to co-parenting. While non-parents can move on from their former spouses, divorcing parents need to remain connected in order to support their children together. Sometimes, the hardest part of co-parenting is establishing that relationship while the divorce itself is in progress. When parents keep some key tips in mind, they can help to set up a framework for long-term cooperation.

In general, parents choose to divorce one another, not their children. Both parents want to remain active in their children’s lives, and this is important to show the kids that they are loved by their parents. Children will also feel less insecurity and stress about the divorce when they continue to receive strong support from both of their parents. In fact, co-parenting successfully can make the entire divorce process less conflict-oriented.

One of the most important steps toward successful co-parenting is establishing a parenting plan or agreement. This can be finalized and included as part of the divorce decree. The plan lays out a basic custody schedule, and a family law attorney can help to make the process easier and smoother. In addition, it lays out terms about how communication will work, how holidays will be shared and how the parents will make decisions about the child’s education or other important matters. It can also lay out a clear framework for how the plan can be changed in the future.

Absent a situation of abuse, it is important for each parent to support the child’s relationship with the other parent. A family law attorney might be able to work with a divorcing parent to establish a separate, organized co-parenting relationship in the best interests of the child. A lawyer may work to achieve a fair and desirable child custody agreement.