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The most common reasons for getting divorced

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Divorce |

Almost all marriages in Pennsylvania begin with an earnest effort to stay together with a spouse for a lifetime, but a variety of factors can cause a relationship to deteriorate over time. By surveying people who’ve experienced a divorce, the National Center for Biotechnology Information learned what the most common causes of separation are. At the top of the list was lack of commitment with 75 percent of respondents saying that it contributed to their divorce.

Lack of commitment was followed by a few other obvious factors, including infidelity, domestic violence and too much arguing and conflict. There were also some less glaring causes. Almost half of the people surveyed said that getting married too young was a major influence on their divorce. The average age of getting married has been steadily rising over the past few decades, which might explain why the divorce rate has dropped.

Another less obvious factor in divorce is financial trouble. While many respondents didn’t say that it was the leading factor in their divorce, they did say that it increased the overall level of stress in the relationship. Lack of support from extended family contributed to this problem. Health problems and substance abuse were also found to be detrimental to a marriage.

No matter what reasons a couple has for getting a divorce, each party has the right to support and guidance from an attorney. Many things need to be arranged during a separation, including the custody and visitation of any children involved. Even if both ex-spouses agree to most issues in a friendly manner, it’s a good idea to have representation from an attorney to ensure a smooth process. In some cases, going to family court may be necessary.