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Balancing divorce with work

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Divorce |

Some divorcing spouses in Pennsylvania may be concerned about how to balance a professional life with a marital separation. One important strategy is to compartmentalize the divorce from work life. Things may arise during the work day, but soon-to-be exes should try to set aside a certain amount of time to deal with the divorce and focus on work the rest of the time.

Any calls to an attorney should be made in private. It’s also wise to send emails using a personal account. These efforts are not just for the sake of discretion but because attorney-client privilege could be compromised. All divorce-related documents should be placed in a master file so they are separate from work documents and easy to access quickly. A client may also want to communicate with their attorney about any dates they are unavailable for court because of work.

Business partners or someone in human resources may need to be alerted about the divorce in order to provide the necessary documentation. However, in general, soon-to-be exes should endeavor to keep details of the divorce out of the workplace. This includes any personal information. Although it is rare, coworkers could be deposed as part of the divorce.

Many couples try to work out a divorce settlement through negotiations with their attorneys instead of going straight to litigation. This can be easier and less expensive. However, it is not always successful. A spouse should be careful that they do not agree to unfavorable terms for property division. While it is important to be flexible during a divorce, that doesn’t mean forfeiting everything.