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Prenups can benefit people of various backgrounds

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Divorce |

Couples in Pennsylvania planning their wedding may not want to put too much thought to divorce at a time when they are celebrating their relationship. However, given that nearly 50% of all marriages end with a divorce, it can be an important consideration to keep in mind. After all, people take out insurance to cover far less likely risks. In addition, planning for divorce at a time when people are enjoying a healthy, loving relationship can help to ensure a fair outcome and generosity between both parties.

This is one significant reason why many people are choosing to consider prenuptial agreements. While some once thought that they were mainly for the ultra-rich or celebrities, prenups have much to offer people of all financial means. Prenuptial agreements can help to protect an inheritance or other family assets, and they can be especially important for startup founders. Investors may even want to see a prenup on file before getting involved with a privately held company that could be vulnerable in a divorce. It is important to note that a valid prenuptial agreement should not be one-sided, designed to benefit the wealthier partner at the expense of the less well-off.

For a prenup to later be upheld in court during a divorce, both parties should have been represented by a lawyer. The agreement should include provisions that benefit both spouses. This can be important if one spouse is planning to stay home to care for the children, or if one spouse wants to clearly define a premarital asset.

Planning in advance might be an important part of preparing for marriage and the financial entanglements it brings. A family law attorney may provide advice and guidance about a prenuptial agreement and how it can prepare people for a strong marriage as well as divorce and property division.