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What should you not do when fighting for child custody?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Child Custody |

Child custody cases can be difficult. At times, a custody battle may even become ruthless. It is important that you do not allow your custody battle to go that far. If you want to better your chances at winning in a custody battle, Huffington Post has some tips.

There are specific actions you do not want to take when in court over child custody.

Do not tell your kids what to say

Now, when it comes to helping your child, there is a line between helping your child to know what to expect and telling a child what to say. If you coach your child, it will be obvious and it will not look good on you. Children need to be able to speak honestly so that the expert can understand the family dynamic.

Do not violate any orders

If there are any orders as far as visitation or custody, do not violate them in the meantime. Even if you believe that you deserve more time with your child, you need to abide by every order. The judge will remember you as the person who violates orders. You want to remain in good graces with the judge and if you follow his or her orders, this is more likely to be your outcome.

Do not embellish or lie

It is common for parents to try to lie or embellish the truth to gain the judge’s favor in a courtroom. When you lie, the odds are against you. If the court finds out that you lied, then you will no longer have credibility. The court will remember the lies and use those against you.