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Discussing custody concerns with your family members

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Child Custody |

From the division of marital property to child support and custody, there are a host of concerns with divorce. However, custody is especially challenging, not only because of how it affects a parent’s life (such as a difficult custody dispute) but especially in terms of a child’s future and well-being. Some people turn to family members for support and to go over their options.

Advice and opinions

Sometimes, people turn to their parents, grandparents, siblings or adult children for advice. While family members are often able to provide helpful advice, some people do not understand the situation entirely and allow their personal opinions to influence their outlook. For example, some family members do not agree with a couple’s decision to divorce and pressure a parent to allow their child’s other parent to stay in the child’s life (even when this does not serve a child’s best interests). It is important to set aside advice that is not helpful or comes from a place of misunderstanding. At the same time, talking to loved ones is a great way for many people to find the support they need.

Child care and other issues

Divorce is tough and even after the process is complete, parents face many obstacles. For example, some have difficulty taking care of their child due to a demanding work schedule, which is why family members often play a vital role in providing child care and other forms of assistance (including financial help). When your family members are on the same page, this is valuable in terms of your ability to work through your divorce and deal with stressors that arise afterward.

Every divorce is unique and this is also true for each custody case and the circumstances involving family members. Make sure you are prepared for your divorce and find more information in our custody section.