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What do you know about creating a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Child Custody |

As a divorcing parent, you must make a lot of decisions for yourself and your shared children. Further, you must make those decisions with the other parent.

Psychology Today explains how to cultivate a viable strategy for parenting. Learn how to support your child’s life and happiness during a time of transition.


You and the other parent must decide when your shared children spend time in your respective households. Not only does a detailed schedule create structure for your children, but it also helps you know when to expect time to yourself, which becomes essential for this chapter of your life. Do not forget to account for holidays, vacations and trips by yourself or with your children.

Activities and education

While creating a parenting schedule, account for extracurricular and school activities your children may take up. Do you have a problem with the other parent giving your child a religion-based education? You may agree or disagree on the religion taught and education program or style used.

Other decisions

How much time on the phone, tablet or similar devices do you want your child to have? Should you discuss specific medical decisions with the other parent? Your parenting plan should touch on gatherings with friends, sleepovers and driving if your child soon qualifies for a license or learners’ permit.

Discipline and chores

When your shared children stay with the other parent, should they expect to have the same house rules and chores as they have at your house? Talk to your ex-spouse about how you want to discipline your children.

Drafting a parenting plan may help you, the other parent and your shared children avoid conflict. With the right approach, everyone has a better chance of experiencing peace of mind.