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How to cope with these common divorce fears

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Divorce |

It’s not a stretch to say most of us are creatures of habit. Many people get a twinge in their gut when major changes happen at work, such as learning new software, training on new equipment or adapting to a change in management. It’s no wonder that the prospect of divorce leaves many petrified.

But this fear of the unknown goes away in the workplace as you adapt to new practices and procedures. Likewise, putting an unhappy marriage behind you may be confusing and scary at first, but getting your life on a new and upbeat track will also help those fears dissipate in time.

Divorce issues we fear the most

Divorce is never easy, even when you know it’s for the best. Part of that is because it also affects everyone you love. Let’s address the things we are most concerned about:

Will my kids be OK?

Too many parents stay in unhappy relationships because they’re afraid their divorce will be too damaging to their children. However, research shows kids can thrive after divorce if both parents put their needs first. Staying in an unhappy relationship isn’t healthy for anyone.

Can I survive financially?

Many are afraid they’ll struggle to make ends meet or aren’t sure how to create a budget. That’s why it’s essential to identify and detail all marital assets and income. It’s a good idea to share this information with an experienced lawyer to ensure you receive a fair share. You may be eligible to receive child support for your children’s needs or spousal support to maintain a standard of living similar to when you were married.

What about the emotional toll?

Fear of the unknown is often much worse than reality. Divorce is hard, so make sure you have a support group of family, friends, or even a therapist to help you cope. Take solace in that divorce is almost as old as marriage, and countless individuals are stronger and happier once they are out of an unhealthy relationship. Avoid false coping methods such as drinking, smoking or suffering in silence alone.

Focus on healthy and positive endeavors, such as getting enough sleep, eating right and finding new hobbies. Staying in touch with loved ones can not only help navigate choppy waters but help you realize what most people who go through divorce discover – that life is more enjoyable.