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How can co-parents stay connected to their kids during summer trips?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Child Custody |

With classes ending, summer vacation season is upon us. It’s an exciting time for kids but can be challenging for divorced parents who share custody of younger children. Fortunately, there are many convenient ways to stay connected when your child is with the other parent.

For many, Zoom and FaceTime are vital tools for interacting with their children. However, the method is only part of the equation. It’s also crucial to make sure that your virtual time is meaningful and to be on the same page with your co-parent.

Set up a schedule and stick to it

Agreeing to a schedule for video calls is a good idea so you and your co-parent know when to expect them. This may include a quick chat right before or after breakfast before the day’s activities begin and a longer conversation at the end of the day before bedtime.

Next, choose a reliable platform, such as Zoom or FaceTime, to minimize the chance of technical disruptions. Also, remember to be flexible, especially on travel days. Being considerate of the other parent’s situation helps things go more smoothly.

Sharing the day’s highlights

Once the schedule is set, make a list of topics to discuss to use your time efficiently. You can share the exciting news of your day but reserve most of the time to hear about your child’s adventures. Stay upbeat and avoid mentioning any conflicts with your co-parent.

If your child has access to a smartphone, send periodic texts or photos, and let them know you’re thinking about them. Likewise, getting pictures from them or your co-parent helps you share in their activities. Above all, remind them that you’ll see them soon so both of you can look forward to your next in-person meeting.