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Child custody and relocation: Things you need to understand

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially divorcing parents and their children. If you find yourself going through a serious family challenge, you shouldn’t wait to consider the impact it will have on your children now and in the future.

As the custodial parent, you understand just how important it is to provide your children with the best life possible. At some point, you may come to find that you need to relocate with your children. There are many reasons for this, such as seeking a better employment opportunity or moving closer to your family.

Ground rules for relocation

In Pennsylvania, you can’t simply move away with your kids. A custodial parent is not permitted to move a child out of the area without first receiving approval from the other parent and the court.

Conversely, if you’re the non-custodial parent, you have specific rights. If you receive notice that your ex-spouse wants to relocate with your children, you need to take action.

If you’re opposed to the move, it’s critical to respond to the notice as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, you may miss your opportunity to prevent the relocation.

The court will take a closer look

When considering whether or not to approve a relocation, the court looks at a variety of factors.

Most importantly, the court considers how it will impact the child. If the move is thought to be in the best interest of the child, there’s a greater chance of an approval. However, if the move may harm the child in any way, the court is more likely to deny the request.

How far away?

Distance is one of the most important factors when it comes to child custody and relocation. If you’re only moving across town, it may not have much impact on the other parent. However, if you plan on moving to the other side of the state or elsewhere in the country, it’s more likely to change the relationship between your children and ex.

Whether you’re the person who wants to relocate with your children or it’s your ex-spouse attempting to do so, it’s a must that you understand your legal rights.

If you make any mistakes, it can affect your relationship with your children for the rest of your life.