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New uses for marital contracts

Pennsylvania couples can make use of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in some creative new ways.

There once was a time when prenuptial agreements were primarily used by very wealthy people. Guarding against asset loss during a potential divorce was the intended mission of these documents. Today’s prenuptial agreements, however, offer far greater protection and reasons to be used. As a result, they are being adopted by a much wider set of people in Pennsylvania and around the nation.

Keeping reputations intact in a social world

Protecting assets is important but with today’s online world lead in large part by social media, the need to protect reputations is also great. Even a single comment on Facebook or some other social site can last forever and impede people socially and professionally.

Fox News reported recently that social media clauses are now able to be included in prenuptial agreements. These clauses prevent such slander of former spouses in the event that divorces happen. In order to make these clauses most effective, clear and detailed statements should be drafted. It is also helpful to be able to identify the actual harm that could result from any negative commentary on social media.

Drafting reasonable agreements

Whether pertaining to social media use or the division of assets, any clause in a prenuptial agreement should be reasonable as noted in a Huffington Post article. It would not be appropriate, for example, for any such contract to dictate the physical characteristics of either party.

Additionally, some practices must be followed in order to ensure the legality of contracts. Written contracts and the use of separate attorneys for both parties are some examples of these.

Options after marriage

For couples who are already married and now deciding to pursue marital contracts, postnuptial agreements can be created. One situation in which these documents may be used is when one spouse chooses to leave the workforce in order to stay home with a child or children.

The Daily Beast indicates that a postnuptial contract can help to solidify financial support for the at-home parent should the marriage end. This use of these documents indicates an awareness that returning to the workforce after several years away can be difficult and often finds employees earning less money than they previously had.

Get legal consultation

People who are considering marital contracts should talk to an attorney to learn the different ways that they can benefit from creating these agreements. Being sure to take the right steps will increase enforceability if and when needed and help to reduce conflict during such times.

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