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What To Do When A Parent Violates A Custody Order

Pennsylvania courts take child custody and visitation orders seriously. If your ex fails to do what is ordered of him or her, there are steps you can take to enforce your rights. Your first step should be to obtain legal advice, since there are certain things you cannot do.

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What Can I Do To Enforce A Child Custody Or Visitation Order?

A child custody and visitation order is just that: a court order that compels a person to do something. If your ex repeatedly fails to follow the terms of the order, you can file a contempt action against him or her. If the judge finds that your ex has willfully violated the court order, your ex may face court sanctions such as fines, jail or both. The court can also order your ex to pay your attorney fees.

In many cases, a strongly worded letter from a lawyer is enough to persuade a parent to comply with a child custody or visitation order. The following are examples of violations:

  • Failure to involve an ex in decision-making when there is a joint custody order
  • Failure to provide visitation
  • Failure to timely return a child after visitation

It’s important to document violations of court orders.

What Should I Not Do?

There are certain actions that could result in sanctions against you:

  • Disparaging your ex in front of your children
  • Withholding child support until your ex complies with a custody or visitation order
  • Abducting your child

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