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Can I Get Legal Custody Of My Children?

Legal custody is basically a parent’s right to act or to prevent action on behalf of a minor child or a dependent. Essentially, legal custody includes the right to see school records, participate in parent-teacher conferences and help decide whether the child will go to a certain school district or to a private school. Moreover, legal custody also encompasses the right to access medical information, as well as participate in any decisions concerning everything from orthodontia to surgeries to day-to-day treatment of a child.

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How Is Legal Custody Determined In Pennsylvania?

In the counties in which we practice, the customary default position for the masters is to award joint legal custody. That does not mean that either parent has the right to veto the other parent’s decision. It simply means that both parents have input into the decision-making on a day-to-day basis regarding the child’s medical status, schooling, etc. If a parent is incarcerated or on the verge of being deployed to a military zone, often we find those situations lend themselves well to a sole legal custody award.

Our lawyers normally address legal custody when they discuss issues of physical custody. While most families focus more on physical custody (where children will live), legal custody is also important for access to a child’s medical records, input into day-to-day decisions with regard to the child, education decisions, religious upbringing and other reasons.

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