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Skilled Guidance With Divorce Master Hearings

At Rowe Law Offices, P.C., we guide Pennsylvania clients through the divorce process from beginning to end. Our highly experienced team of lawyers for divorce master hearings has helped countless individuals navigate the family law system and resolve their issues. If economic claims cannot be resolved, your only other option is to petition the court for the appointment of a divorce master.

What Is A Divorce Master?

A divorce master is an attorney appointed by the court to conduct pretrial conferences and hold hearings in contested divorces. A divorce master commonly holds a hearing to decide issues such as:

  • Whether alimony is warranted
  • Who will receive portions of assets and debts in the marital estate
  • The percentage of assets/debts that each spouse will receive
  • Whether one party should be awarded divorce based upon fault grounds
  • Valuation disputes
  • The timeline for transfer of assets or payment of debts
  • The overall division of assets and debts
  • Payment of court costs and attorney fees
  • Other economic claims

How Does The Process Work?

During the initial conference, the divorce master will meet with both parties’ lawyers. Next, the divorce master will meet with both parties and their lawyers together. The master has the power to order that one side produce information related to assets or debts.

As part of this process, we ensure that your best interests are pursued aggressively. We inform the master of your position and desires in the case. Many times, the case can be settled during this process. If the parties cannot come to an agreement on how the case should be settled, however, then the divorce master will conduct an evidentiary hearing. Based on this hearing, the master will write a formal report to the judge that states his or her recommendations.

The divorcing parties can file exceptions within 20 days if they disagree with the outcome. However, the judge will not accept any further testimony. If no exceptions are filed within 20 days, the judge will approve the divorce master’s recommendation and the divorce will be concluded.

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The divorce master hearing process is the equivalent of going to trial in a civil litigation case, so it is of paramount importance that you have a lawyer on your side who is comfortable in the courtroom and who has the skills to advocate for your best interests.

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