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Skilled Help Drafting Marital Settlement Agreements

Many people choose to resolve the issues of divorce through mediation and arbitration. Negotiating and preparing a marital settlement agreement between yourselves to submit to the court can save time, money and stress.

A marital settlement agreement is a contract between you and the other party that spells out all of the terms of your divorce. The property settlement agreement will include the division of your joint property, your child custody arrangement and any spousal support, among other issues.

A Well-Drafted Agreement Prevents Stress And Future Disputes

Having a properly negotiated and clearly written marital settlement agreement is incredibly important in preserving your rights and preventing future disputes. The only way to know essential items to include in a property settlement agreement is through experience.

At Rowe Law Offices, P.C., our attorneys have decades of experience in all aspects of divorce. We know what areas typically result in problems, and we know how to draft agreements that address and ultimately avoid future disputes.

We also have the knowledge and skill to protect your legal and financial rights.

Personalized And Responsive Service

You will have many questions about your divorce. Your situation and goals cannot fit neatly into a fill-in-the-blank form. We tailor your agreement to your life and goals. And because questions come up at all times during your divorce, we have a 24/7 answering service. Call one of our lawyers anytime and we will respond to your question or concern promptly.

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