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Helping With Spousal Support And Alimony Issues

In a Pennsylvania divorce, spousal support and alimony arise as issues. One spouse is not automatically required to pay the other anything. In many cases, one spouse may be asked to provide financial assistance for a certain time frame to allow the other spouse to live comfortably.

Influential Factors In Determining Alimony

If the matter goes to trial, the court will consider several factors in determining the amount and duration of spousal support payments. These factors include:

  • How much each person earns or how much he or she is capable of earning
  • The age and health of each person
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • Whether one person contributed to the other’s job success or education
  • Whether one person will need further education or training to become self-sufficient
  • The standard of living established during the marriage
  • Whether either party was guilty of marital misconduct
  • Tax consequences of awarding alimony
  • The assets and debts of each person
  • Whether either person owned property from before the marriage

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