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Protecting Your Child’s Right To Be Supported

When parents separate, they must work out a child support agreement that adheres to Pennsylvania’s child support guidelines. This agreement will be legally binding until the children reach the age of maturity (18). When one partner neglects his or her duty to provide support, it is not only frustrating — it is illegal.

At Rowe Law Offices, P.C., we focus exclusively on helping families through difficult situations. At our Wyomissing and Lancaster offices, we offer free initial consultations to those who need help enforcing their children’s right to receive financial support.

What Are My Options For Enforcing Child Support Payment?

If your former spouse is behind on child support, you have a few options for enforcing your child’s right to support. Most require filing the proper actions with the court, which can do any of the following if it is found that your ex has willfully violated your support agreement:

  • Garnish his or her wages or unemployment benefits
  • Intercept tax refunds
  • Issue a citation for driver’s license suspension
  • Place a lien on his or her property
  • Assess fines in addition to payment of child support arrearages
  • Issue a warrant for his or her arrest, usually in the most serious situations

Providing financial support for your minor children is required by Pennsylvania law if you are a divorced parent. If your former spouse is not holding up his or her end of the bargain, we can help you enforce this right under the law. Our attorneys will help you gather all the necessary information for a child support hearing, if one becomes necessary, and represent your interests from start to finish.

Seeking Amicable Resolutions Where Possible

Of course, negotiating a modification of your agreement with your former spouse is always an option too, before taking the necessary steps to obtain a court order of enforcement. We recognize that many child support disputes arise because of financial problems, problems one parent does not necessarily want to disclose to their former partner. We can work with you to modify an existing agreement in cases where changes may be necessary due to financial hardship.

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